Never before has solar power been this easy option for Indian households, businesses and industries!! So what are the reasons that people are going solar in the present day?

First of all, Solar energy is free of cost since sun is a never ending battery for us. This means that is solar energy is just not renewable, but also is sustainable.
So let us get into more details about how we can be benefitted by putting up solar panels.

1. Power your home or business with clean green energy: Solar panels derive clean, pure energy from the sun and helps us combat greenhouse gas emissions. This leads us to being less dependent on fossil fuel such as coal and natural gas.

When we choose solar energy we automatically reduce the emissions of the harmful gases that are released of the fossil fuels that are known to cause air pollution and global warming. Fossil fuels are limited in terms of their availability and this tends to create a volatile market where there are increased number of chances with prices going really high shorter time periods.

2. Save on your electricity bills: One of the biggest advantages of solar energy is the immediate savings on your electricity bills. No matter how small your solar panel installation is, you can see your electricity bills reducing over time. The modular technology helps you to install unlimited solar panels based on the needs, bringing you unlimited savings.

3. High efficiency and low maintenance: Solar panels require very low maintenance and are known to work at maximum efficiency. Once installed, there is small amount of maintenance to ensure that it is in working order. Known to be a silent producer of energy, solar panels are known to be sound free when the photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into usable energy.

4. Energy reliability and security: Solar energy is known to provide energy reliability and security to those who choose to go solar. While clouds are less predictable, sun is extremely consistent, making us aware how much amount of solar energy can be received, thus being reliable.

No one can go and buy sun or turn sunlight into monopoly as it is free source of energy. This is what makes solar energy offer security. This also is one of the reasons why people are investing in solar power systems.

5. Solar power provides energy independence: Similar to energy reliability and security, solar power is known to provide energy independence. This is because all types of fuels cannot be monopolised or bought. It is free for everyone to use. So once you set up a solar panel on your roof, you are independent of any source of electricity.

6. Solar is a secure investment: With the constant rise in the electricity prices, one can safely say that solar is a secure investment. To simply understand, one can calculate how much energy will be generated using a solar panel and compare it with the increasing price for at least next 20 years.

7. Solar panels guarantee performance: SOLGEN is known to manufacture high quality, modular technology based solar panels that come with 25 years performance warranty. Lifespan of solar panels is much longer if regular maintenance is taken care, especially since the industry standard guarantees 80% performance after 25 years.