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  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate your electricity costs.
  • Say goodbye to ever-increasing energy rates.
  • Decrease your carbon footprint.



Do you live in a housing society?

Wish to go Solar but hesitating because of high upfront cost?

Housing Societies are a big guzzler of Electricity. They pay hefty electricity bills and have a high carbon footprint. Societies can easily reduce electricity bills to near Zero by going Solar. Most of the societies have ample space on the rooftop, but the high upfront cost makes it difficult to go solar. SolarGain is an initiative by GOSOLGEN to ease Solar adoption by housing societies.


  • Unique, Customized And Innovative Solar Solutions
  • Setup Solar On All Types Of Rooftops – RCC Roof, Metal Shed, Cement Sheets Or Ground Mounted
  • Sturdy Structure To Withstand Wind Speed More Than 150 km/hr
  • Cost effective Solar Design, Procurement & Installation
  • Lowest Energy Cost at Rs. 1.30 per unit
  • Wide Segment Of Customers –  Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Residential
  • 25 years Performance Warranty on Solar Panels
  • Remote Monitoring Included
  • Best In Class Service Support


Few Of Our Esteemed Customers Are

  • Vasantha Group Builders, Hyd
  • Theme Ambience Construction, Hyd
  • Emerald Garden, Hyd
  • Richmond Villa Community, Hyd
  • Moveinsync Technologies Pvt Ltd, Blore
  • Malla Reddy Group, Hyd
  • ICBM College, Hyd
  • Kanakadurga Fabrications, Hyd
  • Inna Reddy Hospital, Jangaon
  • Global City, Mumbai
  • Marigold Apartments, Pune
  • Sudershan Dry Docks, Goa


  • GOSOLGEN Promoters Are IIT-BHU Alumni Having Passion To Equip Every Rooftop With Solar Power
  • Our Journey On The Path Of Solar Began In 2010
  • Became One Of The Fastest Growing Solar System Integrators In India
  • Became a Pioneer In Solar Water Pumps
  • Have In-House Production And R&D Department
  • Well Equipped Service & Maintenance Team
  • Working PAN India Basis
  • Our Primary Motto Is ‘Innovation’, ‘Customer Satisfaction’ & ‘Social Commitment’

Project Collection

Quantum Boost

First time in India

Increase Solar Output by 10 - 20% Enhance your Returns From Solar.

Quantum Boost ™ (QB ™) is the only device in the world which makes it possible to increase the DC power output of the PV module. The increase in the PV output is made possible by enabling the PV module to capture hot carriers before thermalisation. This is enabled by high-frequency electric pulses applied to the PV cells. These pulses create metastable quantum states at the energy levels of hot carriers increasing the lifetime of hot carriers from a few picoseconds to a few hundred microseconds. These pulses are created by a thin film coating of pyroelectric material on a glass substrate, which along with electronic circuitry is integrated inside the QB​

Proven, Tested, Patented In Silicon Valley USA.


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Excellent Service and has Wide Range of Solar Products at affordable price
Run by thoroughly professional team with forward thinking mindset.
Good service and delivered as promised
Extremely dedicated and competent set of people. Great product and service at a very affordable price.