Individual Benefits

Bullet Points  Net metering allows you to get full retail value for the electricity you produce by permitting you to put any excess electricity you generate back in to the electric grid and retrieve it later, free of charge

Bullet Points  Net Metering accurately captures energy generated and consumed

Bullet Points Increased in-state electricity generation.

Bullet Points Increased property Values.

Bullet Points More Visible indicators of community support for clean energy

Bullet Points  Reduced pressure on the local electricity grid.

Bullet Points Reduced peak power demands.

Bullet Points Regional Economic Growth.

Bullet Points  Solar Power produced in winter saves on summer costs.

Bullet Points  Increased local energy Independence.

Bullet Points No Battery storage system needed.

Bullet Points  No – Maintenance- Solar Power without hassles.

Environmental Benefits

Bullet Points Generation of Environment friendly, clean energy.

Bullet Points Saving of fossils fuels like coal, wood and other petroleum products.

Bullet Points Reduces carbon (CO2) emissions.

Bullet Points No pollution healthy Environment.

Bullet Points Helps in controlling Global Warming