Yes, it’s true! While the Sun is available forever, you have limited time to go Solar

1. Local Transformer limit – Solar that provides maximum ROI is Grid-tied Solar. Electricity Deptt allows upto maximum 50% Solar on the local transformer so hurry up before your local transformer limit is reached.
2. Netmetering may end soon – Grid-tied Solar metering via Netmetering ensures you get maximum credit for the units exported to grid. Electricity Deptts in many countries have already stopped providing new Netmetering connections. Indian Electricity Deptts also may stop accepting new applications as Netmetering leads to loss of revenue. We help you in getting 25 years contract with the Electricity Deptt. Once setup, you can enjoy the Netmetering benefit for 25 years.
3. Lowest Prices Now – Solar prices have reduced to half in 4 years and we provide Solar at rock-bottom prices, that give you ROI of over 25%. Every month delay in setting up Solar, you pay for the hefty electricity bills, that you could have avoided.