You must be aware of how Solar Panels help you in saving on your electricity bills, but not sure of how long will they last? Is it really worth the investment?

We live in a throwaway society where everything is replaced in couple of years, be it the phones we use or our laptops or TV’s, and these days even cars, which may be after 10 years, might just run with our conscientious maintenance and mandatory repairs.

If these regularly used items are compared to Solar Panels, by far one can note that Solar Panels are in for a long haul.

Let me tell you how Solar Panels are considered a wise investment for lifetime!!!

Solar panels are made of components that are durable and its glass protected solar cell made of silicon has only one work, which is to capture sunlight. It is fixed in one particular place on your rooftop for the rest of its life. It is free of motors and components that require high maintenance, like in any other gadgets that we use on daily basis.

Hence, solar panels have no chance of wear and tear, and hardly require any maintenance.

Take a scenario, say after 25 years, your Solar Panels might not be as efficient as they were when you installed it. The performance of the Solar Panels decrease about half a percent annually. This small loss in the efficiency is mainly due to the overtime exposure to water and change in temperature that could reduce the output of the Solar Panels. GOSOLGEN Solar Panels come with a 25 years performance warranty. This means that even after 25 years of using your Solar Panels, it would still be performing at minimum 80% efficiency.
To extract the energy from Solar Panels and convert it to usable electricity, there is a special equipment called GOSOLGEN Grid-Tie Inverter that is made of high quality components and is expected to last over 15 years.

Lastly, because your Solar Panels may stay with your home longer than you do, your warranty and all the terms of your financing agreement transfer easily to the next person who would inhabit your solar enabled home, if you decide to sell it.

With the continuous technology improvements, today’s solar panels are light weight, and produce more energy along with being elegant and stylish.

Your decision of installing solar panels on your rooftop is the best you could do for home.

We at GOSOLGEN would say that solar panels are in to stay.